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My Story

My name is John Prince and once again with strong support from family, friends, neighbours, and acquaintances, I am announcing my candidacy for Mayor of Crowsnest Pass.

As many of you know, I have already served one term as Municipal Councillor and am presently seeking election to the Mayor's chair. My wife Diane of 43 years and I have lived in the Crowsnest Pass for almost 20 years and have developed a strong sense of community. We have both been actively involved as volunteers in many organizations throughout the Pass.

With over 20 years in the Hotel and Airline industries, I have a wealth of knowledge and management experience in Hospitality and Tourism, gained from having worked and lived over the years in four provinces. As well, I am a graduate of British Columbia Institute of Technology (B.C.I.T.) Hospitality, Tourism & Business Administration. My wife and I have spent a further 20 years as owner/managers of several small businesses in the retail sector. Until recently, I was a licensed Realtor® with CENTURY 21 here in the Pass. By year's end, I will have reached retirement age... but I’m not quite ready yet to retire. Far from it!

Service to the community and a passion for politics along with a firm belief that there's no point "just complaining about things, you have to do something about them" is why I am running for Mayor.

When I was a councillor I stood up and spoke up when others went along like lemmings, much as what we have now. I know most people remember me speaking up against wrong doings by the Mayor & Council at that time, but I was made out to be the bad guy because I didn't go along with the establishment elites and what wrongs they were trying to put across to the people here. Years later, we now find out I was right and they were wrong. I wasn't the bad guy after all, but a good guy who had stood up ahead of his time for what was right. I stood up for the people then and I will stand up for them again, especially now, with all this talk of “dissolution” in the air by the Municipal Affairs Inspector by way of our recently released Municipal Inspection Report.

I will not let myself be making deals in backrooms and I will ask the people what they want, not simply do what the elites and special interest groups here want without consulting with residents first. I have proven to you that I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will who is conscientious and honest who will work hard for the good of the community, and not just the chosen few or for my own ego.

I too am one of the majority in this community who struggle to pay their bills. I'm just like you and do not want my tax $ to go for signs & monuments. We are being nickeled-and-dimed to death with one form of taxation or another that now includes ‘Revenue Police’ (Peace Officers) patrolling our streets and highways. Meanwhile we still have potholes that need fixing and empty stores that need filling. We have imported administrators tripping over each other, themselves living the high life at our expense and we are also supporting consultants with money that should go to seniors or projects that will make our community more comfortable and ‘enjoyable’ for its residents. In this regard, renewed efforts must be made towards making our community more viable and sustainable.

I will see that locals who know the Pass and its people will be hired to administrate it and that community organizations will be allowed to use their knowledge & understanding in their chosen fields to manage their own affairs. And these volunteer organizations will be appreciated as a privilege to have in this community for the integral part they play in making our community the very best it can be.

As a community we have been in turmoil for some years now. From decades of little change and going nowhere, to in the last three years of too much unwanted change while still going nowhere. Real leadership that listens to the people, to their wants and needs with the intention of delivering on those wants and needs is what is needed here. My job, as I see it, will be to bring people and this community together again in a common effort to once more instil our 'Mountain Freedom' Spirit here in the 'beautiful' Crowsnest Pass while at the same time retaining our integrity and

My motto is "CHANGE for the BETTER... One practical step at a time." With real leadership you can count on.

I am asking for your support and your vote in the upcoming election on October 21.

Why I want to be your mayor?

Several years back when I first ran for the mayor's chair, I spoke out about our lack of direction and drive, economic stagnation and declining population. I saw then the problems we were facing and the trouble we were in if we continued down the path we were on. Since then, as you know, things have only gotten worse. In addition, in the last three years our administration has become bloated and municipal costs are out of control while at the same time we have accumulated a huge debt and little to no reserves, needing to borrow in the millions in order to carry us through from one year to the next. We must get things back on track again by having a budget that is based on real life spending which in turn is based on living within our means.

Today, I stand before you, once again, to offer my services as a catalyst to turn things around here in the Pass. It won't be easy, and it will require a meaningful and serious commitment for sure, but it can be done. And it will be done. The Crowsnest Pass needs a leader with experience and a proven track record having the courage and tenacity to persevere in the face of our current social and economic challenges. I feel in my heart of hearts I am that person. I am that leader. I am what is needed.

I want to be your mayor because I believe in this community and its people and know we can do better than what we have done, provided we all pull together in a common effort. It will be my job to bridge that gap between the old and new and find the "middle-way" common ground from which to build.

The Pass has unlimited advantages and potential for real growth and development to build a truly healthy and sustainable society. We are the envy of other communities within our region for being second to none in natural beauty and potential. Yet to-date, we have not been able to capitalize on either. We need to get our priorities straight and start capitalizing on them. Below are some of the initiatives that I would, as your mayor, initiate in order to grow this community once again.

What's my platform?

My platform is built on my commitments to you and all residents of the Pass. I am a true believer in maintaining our quality of life, being a good listener and responsive to your needs, demonstrating accountable government and growing your trust. I will work for a sustainable, caring community and a strong business sector.

1) True Believer
I believe that the true benefit of living in the Crowsnest is found in our quality of life.
* Balancing resources for all generations
* User-friendly public services
* Defending municipal-owned utilities
* Protecting our environment
* Preserving the past while promoting the future

2) Responsive
I hear your frustrations with the Municipality, I will
* Ask for your opinion
* Tell you about municipal plans
* Inform you about municipal priorities
* Turn your ideas into action

3) Accountable
As your Mayor, your questions are my questions. I will
* Lead Municipal Council in directing staff through the CAO
* Ensure staff follow council's directions
* Apply sound business practices to municipal operations
* Answer to you

4) Trusted
I will make the hard decisions for the right reasons, there will be
* Less council business in closed sessions
* Greater accessibility to municipal officials
* Cooperation between developers and the Municipality
* Support for your participation in local government

That's who I am. That's why I'm running for mayor and what I plan to accomplish. In addition to the above, I will endeavour to get my council to work together in cooperation and partnership where need be with private industry and with our provincial and federal counter parts, towards specific projects such as:

  • Economic Development
  • Job Creation
  • Seniors' Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • An efficient and all inclusive public transportation system
  • A multi-faceted community center (with an indoor swimming pool and exercise facilities)
  • Emergency shelters for those suffering from domestic violence and/or in need of transitional housing

For more platform information on what I would do as your mayor read my John's 8-Step 'Building Blocks' Platform.


It's now time to hear from you. Tell me what's great about this municipality and where I as your future mayor can do better to improve it. I urge you to join me in this campaign, get out and support your candidates, come to the public forums and be sure to vote on October 21st. This is a great community it deserves our support! I also ask for your support on October 21st to vote John Prince for Mayor.

I look forward to further dialogue with you here by way of email at johnprince@shaw.ca, on the street, or at one of our local coffee shops, or call me direct at 403-564-4518.

John Prince




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