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John's Platform for Mayor

If you want a better Mayor....Vote for John !

We all love the Crowsnest Pass. The Mountains, the fresh air, the scenery, the fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and it's friendly and caring people. However, I think it's time for some new energy, some new idea's, and a "let's get it done" attitude coming from the Mayor's chair. We need to create the building blocks that will ensure sustainable growth for our community, while protecting those less fortunate than ourselves. We also need to be more accountable for our actions and not accept failure as an option. But, we also need to let our hair down and have some more fun. I mean that's why we're all living here right?

If you want a better Crowsnest Pass, vote for John !

John's 8-Step 'Building Blocks' Platform

1. Progressive, Open and Inclusive Government
2. Bring back the sense of fun
3. Protect & promote small business
4. Get more done by scheduling more open meetings
5. Accountability
6. Lead by example
7. Respect for the people
8. Manage growth and development better

1. Progressive, Open and Inclusive Government

The strength of a community can be defined by how open and how inclusive its political processes are. We must open up Municipal Hall to everyone and create the systems that allow the greatest level of resident involvement possible. Create a culture that sees information not as the power to control, but as an invitation to get involved; seek open discussion with our political partners in Pincher Creek (M.D. & Town) and the M.D. of Ranchland; work on our issues as neighbours and not as combatants; use new networking tools to educate, communicate and build relationships.
We must always work to make local government a tool for positive growth and change. People want to trust their local government, and it is this relationship that we must constantly encourage to develop in a constructive manner.

Crowsnest Pass will:
- Review Council processes to ensure the most efficient and effective system possible;
- Enhance the relationships between Council and its boards and committees;
- Engage the public, business and political entities to have a say in how our government should function.

If you want to greater participation and cooperation vote for John !

2. Bring back the sense of fun

We all love the Crowsnest Pass. The Mountains, the fresh air, the scenery, the fishing, hiking, mountain biking,and it's friendly and caring people. However, it's time for some new energy, some new ideas, and a new "Sense of Fun" coming from the Mayor's chair. There are many serious issues to be sure, but the Pass has gotten to be a little on the much to serious side the last several years and we really need to lighten up and let our hair down and just have more fun. After all, tourism is the Crows #1 industry. And what do tourists want? Fun! So we need to be far more creative in addressing this issue, especially for the kids. Right now we have the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre, ski hill, the trails and mountain climbing and that's pretty much it. I think we need to get creative and come up with more fun activities that will attract even more tourists year round. We need to invest in tourism infrastructure and promotion that will give us the opportunity to capitalize on our uniqueness. Take advantage of what Mother Nature has given to us in abundance. I also believe we need to bring back our "Mountain Freedom" trademark, which I believe 'tells all' about us, as well as Thunder in the Valley. If you ask someone in Western Canada, or the U.S. or Japan or Europe or wherever what they know about the Crowsnest Pass, the first thing they will say is "that's the home of 'Thunder in the Valley' and 'Mountain Freedom'." To us it may not seem that important, but on the regional, provincial, national and international scale, it's huge! I believe you'll see from the type of campaign I run, that making things fun is a good way to get things done.

If you wanna have more fun vote for John !

3. Protect & promote small business

Small business is the heart and soul of any town. They give a town its diversity, they employ the most people and their owners are amongst the hardest working people and greatest volunteers anywhere. Business property tax also contributes to the tax base. As a former 20+ year private business owner myself I know first hand all the troubles that can come with dealing with city/municipal governments and their staff. It will be my personal duty as Mayor to stand up for small business. To cut bureaucracy and eliminate red tape that does nothing but make it harder on small business to survive, and grow.

If you wanna help small business Vote for John !

4. Get more done by scheduling more open meetings

Closed, in-camera, secret meetings is not the way to get things done. The fact is we need more council meetings in the open, how else do you get people to buy into what you are trying to do on their behalf? Cloak and dagger doesn't work, getting people to participate and get involved in a open and transparent process does. Since council meeting are the only place where the municipality can officially conduct business, and since we seem to have an issue of not only not getting enough done but doing a lousy job in communicating what we are trying to get done, we need to schedule more meetings in the open and thereby become more transparent and accountable to those we have been elected and entrusted to serve.

If you wanna get more done vote for John !

5. More accountability

The Taxpayers and the Municipal Council run the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, not the other way around. In the real world, as we all know, failure has consequences. However, if the Municipality fails at something they are assigned to do, there doesn't seem to be any. I am referring mainly to the failed CLC deal, (but there are plenty of other examples). After 3 years of planning, meetings, negotiations, legal wrangling, and so on, the deal was scrapped. That's a lot of wasted time, energy, municipal resources and money down the tube. Somebody messed up. In the real world there would be accountability for this and there would be consequences. In the "Municipal World," I didn't even hear an apology. So what are we going to do now? I believe we're going to send in the same team and try again. Can we really expect any different results? In the "Real World" failure has consequences, and I think it's time for consequences in the "Municipal World" as well. This principal must be assigned to all the other issues as well. Economic Development, affordable housing, attracting more jobs, re-branding ('Mountain Freedom'), tourism promotion, downtown(s) revitalization and on and on. These issues need to be solved. The responsibility of SOLVING every one one of these issues should be assigned to Municipal Staff. Pick an issue and pick a staff member to solve it. Just like in the real world, failure to solve an assigned issue will have consequences. We have some pretty bright and effective staff working for us down at municipal office and they are being well paid to do their jobs, but without the accountability to succeed, and without consequences for failure. Right now, failure is an acceptable outcome. That needs to change!

If failures not an option vote for John !

6. Lead by example

I won't be treating this job as a part-time, ego-tripping, social affair. If I'm not effective as Mayor, or If I can't get some of these complex issues resolved, (and there are plenty of them), then I should not have the Job. I have no intention of keeping a job that I am not good at or effective at, Period.

Furthermore, if there is an issue, or a project under discussion that is going to cost the Taxpayers a lot of money, I will convene a Town Hall Meeting to solicit your input and advice. I will make it my business to consult with you and not do things behind your back. Additionally, if it is my feeling that there may be some "funny business" going on with a particular project, you can count on me to get to the bottom of it and take corrective action. There will be no 'monkey business' on my watch, not when this gorilla is in charge.

If you need a real leader vote for John !

7. Be respectful

The voters run the Municipality. You wouldn't know that with this present council, now would you? Residents here have been given zero respect along with little to no opportunity to meet and discuss issues of concern to them with their council in an open forum such as a Town Hall meeting (last one was in June of 2012). This has been a council that is afraid of its people and thereby avoids them at all costs even resorting to secret meetings to do their (our) business out of the public eye. Things got so bad that the Ratepayers organization reformed primarily because of the lack of transparency, heavy-handedness, out-of-control spending, and lack of respect being accorded to residents here by this mayor and council.

That needs to change and with me at the helm it will. I guarantee it! You can take that to the bank. Therefore, my pledge to you is that my council will NEVER treat you in a similar fashion, nor will I allow you to be treated in a similar fashion. Respect and dignity are what you are entitled to, and I will not tolerate anything less.

If you want to be respected, vote for John !

8. Manage growth and development better

An economy based solely on retirees and tourism is not sustainable (see Florida). Haphazard development is not either. Random, fast and careless development without much thought put into the implications is not what we need more of.

A well-defined growth management plan must be developed along with comprehensive marketing strategies that could involve public/private partnerships, inter-governmental funding partnerships and incentive programs (e.g. grants, loans, heritage tax incentives, tax increment-based financing (TIF)) to encourage private sector rehabilitation and redevelopment.

By using the above management best practices methodology we will successfully manage growth and development as it should be done.

If you want to manage growth vote for John !


It's now time to hear from you. Tell me what's great about this municipality and where I as your future mayor can do better to improve it. I urge you to join me in this campaign, get out and support your candidates, come to the public forums and be sure to vote on October 21st. This is a great community it deserves our support! I also ask for your support on October 21st to vote John Prince for Mayor.

I look forward to further dialogue with you here by way of email at johnprince@shaw.ca, on the street, or at one of our local coffee shops, or call me direct at 403-564-4518.

John Prince



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