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John Prince on the Issues

If you are elected, what will you concentrate on during your term?

"Bridging the gap between the clash of two cultures facing this community - the previous small coal mining town culture and the new ex-urbanite culture, each with different values, ideas, needs and wants."

What made you decide to run?

People from every part of this community asked me to. Overwhelmingly, the consensus from the people I've talked to is that they want a change from the status quo. They want a new voice with fresh ideas. They want a breath of fresh air! They also want to see the restoring of the people’s trust in their elected officials by having an open and transparent council, that works for the greater good of all the people in our community, and not just for the rich and well-connected.

In your opinion, what is the role of the mayor in municipal politics?

As most people know, the Mayor is the head and chief executive officer of the municipality. In consultation with his council he develops and evaluates the policies and programs of the municipality, and administration administers them. The Mayor must possess leadership skills, be a good listener and most importantly, respect the wishes of his constituency. In addition, he should have a vision, passion, enthusiasm, and the determination to see it through. He also must be a people person who is approachable.

What issues need to be addressed in the coming term of council?

Improving economic development in the municipality. Restoring the municipality's shaky finances and tearing down the "culture of secrecy", cronyism and entitlement which is running rampant at municipal hall. We must stop accepting this system as normal. What we have been getting is helter-skelter development, lack of focus, and lack of sustainable tourism and industry initiatives that will benefit our community. The present agenda of promoting self-serving development and unsustainable industry and tourism, at the expense of the taxpayer, must stop. A yearly, steady trend of increases to property taxes, utility bills and user fees is not a way to run a municipality. It's not fair and it's not right! People want this trend to stop. I will do my best to accommodate their wishes.

Stopping the Waste and Getting Spending Under Control
Respect for Taxpayers


The 'Pass has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass' budget has ballooned from $9.9 million in 2000 to $15.9 million in 2012. This represents a whopping 60.6% increase!! The municipality is addicted to spending and the most important job for me as your future mayor will be to stop the hemorrhaging of our tax dollars and get our municipality's finances in order. This will be my number one priority.

Is affordable housing a concern you have and if it is what is your solution to the concern?

My solution is the one I, and both the ‘Pass to the Future’ and the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) (2001) that I helped develop back when I was on council and acting in the capacity of Vice-Chair of the Sub-Division & Development Board collectively came up with, and which was not, unfortunately, acted upon. Since then we have had the Affordable Housing Survey (2009) as well. We recommended back then in 1999, 2001 and 2009, respectively, the creation of a land bank. This is where the municipality would, over time, acquire land (when it is relatively cheap) for the express purpose of one day having affordable housing built on it.

As far as doing something now to address the problem? What about the trailer park that is by the Sportscomplex. Remember, that’s where people were kicked out of their homes to make room for a parking lot, that is only used once a year for two days during the KRA. Since we already own that land, would not that spot be a good place to start our first community ‘affordable housing project’?


Making the Crowsnest a Better Place to Live

Making the Crowsnest a Better Place to Live
Municipal council has been too focused on the pet projects and perks of politicians (Mayor) and not on the fundamental services that people, families and businesses rely on every day. These essential services are necessary to make the Crowsnest Pass a more livable community. As Mayor, I will take the following necessary steps to make the 'Pass a better place to live:

Infrastructure & Roads

The municipality currently has pot-holed streets with Cadillac plumbing underneath. For years now, despite having an ongoing declining population, we have seen untold millions of dollars spent on questionable infrastructure projects (at the expense of other lost opportunities e.g. new community centre (with an indoor swimming pool and exercise facilities)) with nothing for the naked eye to see in the way of value for money spent. Obviously our priorities have to change, we cannot continue concentrating in one area only at the expense of all other areas in our community. Waste and neglect has run rampant here and needs to be reigned in and addressed, respectively.

Public Transportation System

The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass is approximately 27km long and for all intents and purposes has no public transportation system to speak of. This deficientcy must be addressed. This community needs an efficient and all inclusive public transportation system. As Mayor I will work with the Province to create a reliable, affordable, convenient, and customer-focused transit service that the 'Pass can take pride in. Without a public transportation system commuters and businesses suffer, as well as our environment. A public transportation system is essential and vital to our economic and social well-being. People and businesses need to get from home to work, or school. It's as simple as that! 

Improving Customer Service at the Municipal Office.

Poor customer service frustrates municipal residents and businesses. Too often, emails are ignored, telephone calls are not returned, staff are unable to answer questions or help solve issues.

Excellent customer service doesn’t cost a thing. All it takes is leadership and accountability, and that starts at the top.

As Mayor, I will endeavour to ensure excellent customer service will be the standard for all municipal employees. In my opinion, we already have an excellent municipal workforce bar none, both in our municipal office and in the field, but we can always do better. Better, is what we will do!


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Eliminating Unnecessary Taxes

Cutting Unnecessary Taxes


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